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Data recovery diagnosisThe data recovery process starts with is defining the problem. Data recovery diagnosis is the first step of data recovery process. Its results are very important  in order to increase chances for success. Detailed analysis will help engineer to choose correct methods to get the best result.  Remember! Only properly performed professional diagnosis can lead to successful data recovery results. Please, follow these useful tips in order to increase the chances for successful data recovery.

1. External Assessment Diagnosis

It is based on your description and can be done remotely via our Online Customer Support Chat. It’s the most general evaluation of condition of your device. Basically, the kind of problem can be defined – whether the problem is of logical, mechanical or electrical nature.

2. Expert Diagnosis

At Our Lab is performed within 15 minutes by an experienced Alfa Lab Data Recovery Engineers. Upon completion of an expert diagnosis there will be defined an exact kind of failure, cost and required time for data recovery process.

3. Extended Diagnosis with Assessment of Condition of Internal Parts

Can be required in the hardest cases to successfully provide data recovery services. For example, if the hard drive has been badly damaged it is necessary to perform assessment of its condition. Checking have to be provided for heads, PCB, surfaces of platters for physical damages, etc.

Mind that unprofessional interference might cause further damages of your device. Our certified Alfa Lab Data Recovery Engineers have been working in Europe and Canada. They were dealing with the most complicated cases recovering data from all types of devices and all brands. We provide a data recovery diagnosis FOR FREE within 15 minutes, brief report is available FOR FREE as well.

Please don’t open hard disk drives. It’s possible to open and repair hard disks only in a dust free environment and only qualified engineers can do it properly in a properly equipped lab. A free diagnosis report is available upon request. Payment is applicable after previewing the recovered files.

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