Indications of a possible Hard Disk Drive Breakdown

There are numerous steps taken in the recovering lost data from a broken down hard drive (corrupted hard disk drive), and adequate care should be taken in following the right steps so as not to lose these data permanently. This piece of write-up identifies some of the indications of a possible hard drive failure.

There are a couple of signals that can indicate a possible hard drive breakdown. These are:

  1. Drive displays the message “Not Initialized” in windows management section;
  2. Drive refuses spin;
  3. An extremely hot disk drive;
  4. A weird ticking sound;
  5. Long blaring click-like cry;

Universal Serial Bus (USB) HDD Recovery

A peripheral Universal Serial Bus (USB) drive acts as an interface between the PC and the hard disk drive. Though these USB devices have no movable parts, they are also prone to break-down. When trying to diagnose a non-functional peripheral USB drive, you should consider an alternative connection by removing it from its sheath.

  1. Not Initialized in Windows Disk Section

Disk Management located under Windows, exhibits a list of all the drives sanctioned by the computer as well as the individual spaces allocated to these drives.  When the window pops up the message “Not Initialized” it then means that there is a transmission error. Additionally, when it fails to boot a hardware drive, it will result display the message “Input or Output Error.”

  1. Drive Refuses To Spin

If a properly connected drive refuses to spin, it is a clue of a possible hard disk drive breakdown with hard drive Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The electronic device accountable for controlling and operating the various constituents of the drive along with its interaction with the computer is the PCB. Whenever this board fails to function, it can be replaced but only by a professional computer repairer.  It is imperative to get a PCB that is the same product and model with the old PCB, and with the capability of sitting firmly on the firmware on the motherboard.

  1. Extremely Hot Hard Disk

The use of archaic hard disk drives with moveable parts is known as ‘platters’. Platters which are covered with a magnetic material tend to spin at very voluminous speed under a machine-driven arm known as an actuator. The actuator then progresses back and forth on each external surface of the platter. At the termination of this metallic arm, is a tiny copper wire that is fixed. This wire receives signals sent from the computer, and this changes the magnetic state of the platter as it passes below. This makes the files stored in the computer to get encoded with the magnetic substance. The grit in a hard drive is carefully calibrated. Similar to any machine-driven moving parts of a component, the frictions in this patters, creates some degree of heat. When there is an inconsistency in its operation, there every tendency that it would result in an extremely hot hard disk.

  1. Weird Ticking Sound

Sometimes a failed hard drive can result in a weird ticking noise while the disk is trying to read its data. This is an indication that there are some bad sectors within the disk. The noise is being generated by the actuator arm when it tries to return to the initial spot on the disk in polymorphous reading attempts.

  1. Long Loud Click-like Cry

An extremely serious mechanical error could result in a long loud clicking cry. This is an indicator of an enormous machine-driven breakdown. Continual usage puts the platter that houses the data at greater risk of possible permanent damage.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Data Recovery

There is the possibility of successfully retrieving the data contained in a damaged hard drive by running the data recovery application. However, adequate care should be given to these recovery strategies which have the possibility of minimizing access to the drive. For instance, an MFT recovery technique should be used in place of a block scan. It may also be reasonable to try to acquire a bit by bit disk image of the displaced media.

Hard drives are carefully tuned machines, and it takes special components to read the platters from a broken-down disk. In extreme cases, it is important to send a hard drive data recovery service to the hard disk drive. Hardware data recovery is, however, more expensive as it requires the technicians to disassemble the hard drive in a bid to recover its data. This is usually processed in a clean environment as hard drives are typically sealed to prevent inconsistencies caused by dust or other elements. It usually takes the use of a special equipment to read platters from a damaged hard drive successfully.

If you intend sending your hard drive to a data recovery professional, endeavor to get an estimated amount of money you should pay. Ensure you make all the necessary inquiries.

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